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| | Homeostasis : is a self-regulating process that regulates the internal conditions necessary to sustain life despite changes in the conditions outside of it.  Our hope is that Homeostasis Living helps provide space for you to experience more homeostasis in your own life. | |

As a small family business (with 3 young kids in tow!) we know how valuable time is so THANK YOU! We appreciate you making some time in your day to check out our REusables Collection today.  

We hope that you may be more inspired to make a few simple eco-swaps in your home in any form that takes! Perhaps for you it's by reducing (or eradicating) the use of disposable paper towels by using REusable paper towels in your home from now on that can be washed + reused.

Or maybe it's by making that change to zero waste organic hair ties that will be better for you and the planet long term. Well done for being aware and making these simple but important changes in your home + life!

Our journey to create more natural, healthy, sustainable and harmonious products started a few years ago as we were building  Homeostasis Retreats | Wellness Cabin on beautiful Tamborine Mountain in Australia.

We were combining our skills as a Wellness Architect and Builder to create spaces imbued with these values that people all around the world could enjoy a relaxing retreat in.

As we were creating these 'Health + Wellness' focused spaces, we noticed that there were a number of products that were still very unhealthy, synthetic and/or single-use orientated.  This frustrated us as we found limited options available to fix these issues and we didn't want to contribute more waste or start encouraging unsustainable practices through the use and operation at our Wellness Cabin.

After we opened the Wellness Cabin (late 2020), we decided to use our design skills to REcreate a few of these products + start improving this situation. 

Our REusable Collection (2021) is the start of this journey with our first products: REusable Paper Towels + Bamboo Paper Towel Holder, Organic + Biodegradable Hair Ties & Organic Hemp Wicks.

We're also thrilled to partner with One Tree Planted.  Together we plant one tree for every product sold to create the changes we want to see around us.

We have more Sustainable + Wellness focused products being created as you read this and we look forward to releasing them for you to enjoy soon! Keep in touch to hear of these new releases and follow more of our journey on Instagram.

We're also looking out for lovely eco-friendly + health conscious people like you to send free products to test so please 'subscribe' if this interests you!

Thank you! xx


 Founder | Homeostasis Living

"From our home to yours, lets work together to create the changes we want to see around us"